VENUS  . METROPOLITAN  . GRAND 330-32 Beale St   .   336 Beale St.



The Metropolitan is listed at 326-336 Beale in the 1913-1919 Directories.  Anselmo Barrasso is listed as Manager in 1914.   Generoso Barrasso is listed as Proprietor in 1914.   (The 1913 article below describes the Metropolitan as well as many details about the Barrasso family).

The Grand is listed at 330-332 Beale in 1918 - 1928.

Venus is listed at 336 Beale in 1920-1925.   Anselmo Barrasso is listed as Proprietor of the Venus in 1924.

The NEW Grand is listed at 336 Beale in 1927-1933. 


NOTE:   It was previously thought that these four theatres all occupied the same building at various times.  But the new directory information proves that there were actually two theatres, side by side, and both buildings are shown in the 1931 photo of the New GRAND below.  Based on these newly discovered Directory listings: The METROPOLITAN  became the GRAND.  The VENUS was next door and  became The NEW GRAND.  


   NEW GRAND - 1931

Metropolitan Article 1913

Amateur Nite 1923

Ad.  C. 1920s


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